Number 10,008


about me!

i'm agent 8, im 19 years old. i'm a femme lesbian! they/them!!

kins / comfort characters!

kinnie rights. i have too many comfort characters. read more!

Don't Interact If...

my dni page! the tldr is don't be gross, but make sure to read this anyways!

About Me!

im 8 or splat! i go by they/them and i'm 19! i love splatoon; it's my biggest hyperfixation right now!! talk to me about splatoon, tf2, minecraft, homestuck or dont starve!! (i main scout snd wes on tf2 and dst hehe!!) i have the adhd's and i love girls! i just think they're neat! my switch friend code is SW-6947-3584-2878. feel free to friend me, even if you don't have splatoon. i'm a capricorn sun/moon/rising. the cursed birthday is mine! if you think i make a new carrd for every kinshift you might be entitled to being right.


IDs - Agent 8 & Callie (splatoon) Princess Peach (Mario)
other kins - scout,pyro (TF2) arcee (transformers) sanitized octoling (splatoon)
wes (dont starve)
aradia megido (homestuck)
roxy and rose lalonde (homestuck)
audino (pokemon)
wooloo (pokemon)
callie and marie (splatoon)
dedf1sh (splatoon)
agent 3 (splatoon)
pearl and marina (splatoon)
flow and craymond (splatoon)
octolings / sanitized octolings (splatoon)
optimus prime (transformers)
tf2 mercs (tf2)

Don't Interact if...

do not interact if you’re included in the basic DNI material;

truscums / transmeds / TERFs
kink blogs / NSFW blogs / trauma blogs
maps, non-offending or not.
if you’re a cis man older than 35.

mutuals; please tag bees, drug use, p/dophilia, r/pe, and inc/st!!! thank you